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Review 1

1. Underline the correct options to complete this half of the telephone conversation. Then write what other person says.

“Hi, Joe! It’s me. You’ll never believe this but I (a) drove/was driving home just now when I (b) was hearing/heard the lottery draw on the radio. And guess what! I (c) won/win! I was so surprised that I nearly (d) had/was having an accident.”___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

“At the moment I (e) sit/am sitting in a parking lot. I (f) want/am wanting to drive home, but my hands (g) shake/are shaking!”
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .“It would be good to see you, too. Why don’t you come over in half an hour? When I (h) get/am getting home, I (i) ‘m going to open/’m opening a bottle of champagne.”
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

“OK, I (j) ‘ll/’m going to see you later.”___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

2. Replace the phrases in italics with the phrases in the box. Then ask and answer the questions with another student.

a. Would you like to get married and start a family soon? _______________________
b. Have you started any new hobbies recently? _______________________
c. Do youthink it’s a good idea to see more of the world? _______________________
d. What do you want to work at in the future? _______________________
e. Do you think it’s important to complete your studies? _______________________
f. If you left home, where would you like to go? _______________________

3. Match the auxiliary uses with the sentences. Then discuss the statements and questions withanother student.
a. You can’t broaden your horizons if you stay in your hometown. _____
b. You voted for this government, didn’t you? _____
c. Have you ever been to Europe? Yes, I have. _____
d. What do you do for a living? _____
e. I often know who is calling before I answer the phone! Do you? _____
f. I do think it’s important to get good qualifications at college. _____

1 surprise
2making questions
3 making negatives
4 checking
5 short answers
6 emphasis

4. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box. Which statements are true for you?

a. In the ____________ human beings won’t exist.
b. When we finish Elevator, we’ll be much better at English than we are ___________.
c. ____________________ electric cars will be much more common.
d. I did my mathhomework ____________________.
e. _______________ people spend far too much money on clothes.
f. Five ______________________ I hope I’ll have at least three kids.

True for me: _______________ False for me: _______________

5. Find and correct nine mistakes in the e-mail.

Hi Katy,
How are your business? I really want to thank you for the excellent financial advices. My saving isdoing really well now. Perhaps I’ll be able to save enough moneys to buy an apartment soon. If I need any more informations, I’ll write again.
The good news are that I got a new job with the government! The people is very friendly. As you know, politics aren’t my favorite subject, but a job’s a job!
Write soon!

6. Complete the sentences with the quantifiers in the box. Then discusspossible contexts for each sentence with another student.

a. Give them _______________ water for the first few weeks so they don’t dry out.
b. She ate _______________ apples yesterday, but she needs to eat more.
c. There is _______________ left. You can finish it if you want.
d. I understood _______________ of what she said. It was very confusing.
e. There were _______________ people...
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