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In this week in the stock market, I found myself in a very pleasant week, everything went just great. I didn’t expected thatmuch of the companies I have, or had. In this week, Disney went up again, as I noticed that it is one of the biggest moments of the year for Disney,I don’t expect too much of it in the next few weeks, so I decided to sell it and win a big money of the inversion of it. Disney is definitely oneof the biggest surprise to me in this stock market world and project. The only one that did not made me gain money, was Nokia, but I didn’t sell anyof it, because my expectations are high that sometime in this period of time, it will have a raise. Although this week was great, it could’ve beengreater, since the stock I sold last week had a big time rise. It would’ve give me more, but I am still very happy with the results. I decided to buyATT because of the reason that recently, the apple product known as the iPad has being sold in that store around the USA, making it more possiblethat better chances of rising the stock price are close. I think that stock are a very risky way to make money, and for people to gain money,researching is the best way of making sure nothing bad happens. For me it was a great experience because it made me feel the real life situation, and mademe notice how easily people can make or lose money, but in summary, it all ends in whether you researched what your were supposed to research.
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