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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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Einstein’s Antigravity
By Tim Ventura, January 1st, 2005
with revision by John Dering

Part 1. Nick Cook’s Mysterious Discovery
During the course of researching his best-selling book, “The Hunt for Zero Point”, Nick Cook stumbled upon World War II era evidence for a secret Nazi Weapon that came to be known as the “Nazi Bell” device. This device was constructed by a scientific team reportingto SS General Hans Kammler under a veil of secrecy even deeper than that of the Nazi nuclear research. While Cook’s research yielded little information about the specific design or application of the Nazi Bell device, his sources indicated that it apparently was able create a variety of startling effects on nearby objects. It has been speculated that the Bell device was designed to use high-speedcounter-rotating components filled with specialized materials and energized by electromagnetic energy to induce “torsion” effects and thus control gravity and other significant effects.

Nazi-Bell: Closeup of a test-platform at the secret Wenceslas Mine facility in Poland.

John Dering, a physicist specializing advanced directed energy, nonlinear electrodynamics and new energy sources hasfurther reported on a “Rhine Valley” facility and device. He believes this to have been an actual wartime prototype deployment of a successor to the Nazi Bell experiments, which were carried out in the Wenceslas Mine research lab in occupied Poland. While the Bell experiment was focused on developing a radical new propulsion technology, the little-known Rhine Valley experiment may have been alast-ditch attempt to weaponize the Bell’s dangerous side effect for use against Allied forces. Dering speculates that the German WW-II research was intended to create a powerful propulsion effect by engineering application of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory (UFT) equations. Within the 1929 version of the Einstein UFT equations a linkage is found between the “vector magnetic potential” and Torsion. Putsimply, in the Unified Field Theory the effects of curved space-time (resulting from a massive body, like the earth) can locally offset by creating Torsion. Thus electromagnetic interactions are harnessed to induce torsion, which in turn can then null out gravitation. This astounding possibility for gravity control is not predicted

Nick Cook: Janes Defense Weekly Aviation Editor & investigativeauthor.

American Antigravity.Com

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in either the special or general relativity theories and appears only in the Unified Field equations. Thus, a sort of counteraction to gravity or “antigravity” field would be the result. The heavy-duty concrete construction of the test-rig at the Wenceslas Mine, complete with heavy steel mounting-rings, bears witness to the massive scale ofthe forces that the research produced. While the full purpose and results of neither experiment is completely known, it is obvious that Nazi Bell possessed a great deal of value in terms of secret-weapons – with a range of choices at his disposal at the end of World War II, Hans Kammler considered only the Nazi Bell experiment as being valuable enough to save Germany from the encroaching Allied &Russian forces. The Bell project [whatever its full purpose] was the only research program in Nazi Germany to carry the designation “War Decisive”. Not even the German atomic bomb or rocket programs were considered of such importance! Historically speaking, the German’s motive for developing the Nazi Bell device seems apparent. Hitler’s Third Reich had an almost borderline obsession with secret“wunder” and “uber-weapons” that they felt would give them an advantage against the Allies. The wild success of the V-2 rocket program had emboldened them to undertake the development of even more esoteric weapons projects – such as the world’s first jet fighter, the ME-262, and a series of jet-powered Coanda-Effect UFO prototypes (radical disk shaped VTOL aircraft designs that proved ultimately...
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