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"The Black Cat" Questions
Directions: Answer each question using evidence from the text.
1. Briefly describe the main characters of thestory.
A animal lover man and woman, the guy was violent with his pets and with his wife specially when he is drunk.
2. Describe the settings.a house and another house when the other one is burned.
3. Where is the narrator as he writes this story?
In prison.
4. What crimedid the narrator commit?
He murdered his wife.
5. Is he remorseful for his crime?
No, because he thinks he did it known it was a bad thingto do.
6. Why is this story considered a flashback?
Because the narrator is talking about why he was in jail.
7. Why did he get caughtby the police?
Because he was trying to show the police how good was his house.
8. Compare the two cats in the story.
The first cat had awhite spot all the time. The second one got it after a time and it look like the thing the man used to kill the first one.
9. How does thenarrator describe himself?
As an easy going kind guy.
10. How does the narrator behave?
normally almost all the time. Except when he is drunk,he turns aggressive.
11. On what does the narrator blame his behavior?
He blames it on the alcohol

12. Discuss the disconnectbetween the way the narrator views himself and his actual behavior.
He sees himself as an nice guy. But he is a little bit crazy and he is aggressive.
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