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Lord of the Flies Exam Prearation Lesson: plans / Outline / Thesis / Essay
3. SCAR. Plain caused destruction
Sample Question: Since their arrival to the Island how have humans caused destructionand changes to the Island?
Since their arrival to the Island how have humans caused destruction and changes to the Island?

Brain Storm:
1. FIRE. The boys started a wild FIRE on the island2. CAUSING DAMAGE. The boys crushed the rock.

4.CONCH. Removed from natural stage and is deteriorating

Formal Outline:

TOPIC 1: Scar: Planed crashed into the island, smashing trees andtearing the beach.
QUOTE: The long scar smashed into the jungle (pg1)
Topic 2: Conch: has been removed from its natural stage and it has start to deteriorate.
Quote: Exposure to the air had bleachedthe yellow and pink to a near white and transparency (pg 78)
Topic 3: Fire: The fire made by the boys destructed half of the Island
Quote: Acres of black and yellow smoke rolled steadily toward thesea (pg 44)

1: Introduction:
a) Catchy Opening Sentence: (make it exciting for readers and at the same time hints the topic)
It was a paradise until the boys arrived to the island.

b)Sentence about first detail: _________________________________

c) Sentence about second detail: _______________________________

d) Sentence about third detail: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


e) Thesis Statement: (which mentions all of the...
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