Eje cafetero global economy

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Eje Cafetero Stepping into a Global Economy
Sebastián Vallejo Correa
Universidad Católica de Pereira

Eje Cafetero Stepping into a Global Economy

Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes transportation as the act, process or instance of transporting or being transported. And as company or individual, their goal is to do this act, process or instance in the best way possible by taking fulladvantage of all the resources given without being wasteful and in that way, being efficient. But before we take a look at what the region is failing and lacking to do in compensation, logistics, and its chain of supply in ground transportation to be efficient. We need to start from the top and understand the Eje Cafetero, fairly new to global economy and as a unique region according to thearticle written by The Technical University of Berlin “the location is between two mountain ranges: the Andes and the Cordillera Occidental. The area is, due to altitude, divided into three major climatic regions. The Andean region from 2.500m – 3700 m, the SubAndean region falling down to 1.200 m and in the valleys the Tropical or Equatorial region from 1000 m - 300 m. The average annual temperatureand the precipitation are depending on the altitude” and this all going on in a surface area of only 13,873 m², where it is definitely a great thing going for them, but at the same time even some those great things work against it. The valley where is located is one of them, the amazing location it’s a huge advantage with an ideal climate to grow certain products that can’t be grown anywhereelse puts them on the top of exporters in the country. In addition, the location is the center and midpoint of many of the ground transportation in the country and would be a great thing that the region could take advantage of. At the same time it can be this location is their down fall. Due to its location, it becomes very difficult to access this region and since for more than 50 years the loss ofrailways and fluvial access has disappeared, leaves ground transportation as the easiest way to access it and making it a crucial role in the development of the region’s economy and competitively. Even though it is the “easiest” way to access this region it is not the most viable, because of its rough landscape the building of good roads is a struggling battle that has been going on for years,small and narrow roads are the result of this and also the constant closing of these roads them because of bad weather conditions leaves this region many times impossible to reach for days. The natural problems just mentioned is what makes this region special and unique, and definitely not what is really holding this region back and can´t take the blame for other things, because all regions aroundthe world has to deal and just work with what nature has given them and make the best out their landscape. The real problem is that being a fairly new region in a country where in the last ten years words like logistics, chain of supply, compensation, efficiency, competitiveness and TICS are just taken the full meaning and importance of what they are how they should really work to be competitivewith a world that is constantly growing, and although is working its way to the top and already has some good strong international relations and future plans, it still has a long way to go and be able to compete with the big world powers.

The final and main goal of ground transportation is the movements of objects between two places by road. From the moment this objects are schedule to bepicked up, put in the vehicle of transportation, and dropped off at their final destination, there has to be a plan, infrastructure and logistic, of how everything is going to be done at agreed price by both parties. Each of these steps are very important and detailed, and each of these steps has a goal that should be looked at it individually to work properly and then looked at them as “one” to...
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