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My name is Teresa Ortiz G. born on September 8 of 1992 in the state of Veracruz. my parents divorced when I was 5 years old and my sister 3. My mom and we left the house with just abed. I rent a house in primary school garden and we moved house three times. the last time was to enter secondary wing with 13 years of age in 2005. there was highlighted by playingsoccer with children. Finished high school and looked at one year. and was until the following year to enter the school (in 2009).
I like my life now, my family.
I like tasting, dancing,and I do not like math until today I fail since high school.
My best friends Luna and pipo
I hope to finish school with my best friends.
In 2011 now live with my family and with 18years of age.

My name is Luz Del C. Lunar. I have 16 years was born on January 18, 1994
I live with my parents I have a sister and a brother 19 years 10 years
I studied in thekindergarten of a DIF. Elementary three years I was a child named heroes with my sister who was in sixth after she got out and I never wanted to be alone so I go with my cousins who is my agemy new primary was called hermanegildo Galeana.
Go after secondary wing Jose Marti was named federal study in the afternoon there go the best moments of my life. I met many friendsespecially my best friend Stephanie.
I am currently in high school in the illustrious institute Veracruz.
Knowledge here my friends Daniel, tere.
I hope to finish my degree and studyin the technological university and I want to be an engineer in computer systems.
I like listening to music and dance. This is my life as a teenager.
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