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Mario Antonio Escalante Silva
Engineer in Computer Systems (ITESM, Monterrey Campus, 85-90). Born in Mexico City, 42 years old. Married, 2 daughters of 15 and 12 years old. Address: Cobreloa # 47 C-002, Col. Arboledas del Sur, 14370 Mexico City Telephone: +52 (55) 5688-2485 Cellular Phone: +52-1-55-1452-7032 Email: m.escalante@floressence-mexico.com Objective Be part of an organization leader inits field, contribute with my professional experience, knowledge, passion and personal values to its sales growth, net profit margin, and market position at the National and International level. For the organization with whom I have collaborated, the high degree of commitment and responsibility of my executive profile have allowed me to represent them in a valuable way, by improving theiracceptance with the clients, suppliers, employees and associations (to which they belong or to which they could possible integrated). The profits and responsibilities that are described in my Resume, without a doubt are supported by the executives for whom I have collaborated. June 2007 until now: Unión Presforzadora, S.A. de C.V. (TEKKNE Group). TEKKNE (www.tekkne.com.mx) is a group of Mexican nationalcompanies related to the construction sector who produce transports and assemble prefabricated concrete structures. With more than 35 years of experience they are the best option in pre-manufacture construction systems. In the last 3 years, the annual sales did average $ 100,000,000 USD and 150 peoples were employed.



New Businesses Development DirectorResponsibilities: The traditional construction sector, usually does not have a very define good commercial strategy, so that part of the objectives are channeled mainly to the design of a Commercial Strategy, such as the Business Model to offer and consequently the real estate companies, architectonic and engineers offices, as well as traditional constructors and general customer with a specific construction need, saw UPSA (Unión Presforzadora, S.A. de C.V) as their better option. The responsibilities include Marketing area, Public Relationship, Government Bids (Public Contest), costs and budgets, development of alliances, technological development and everything related to the Commercial Area which include the direct supervision of 12 people. Achievements: 1) Creation of the Marketing research area tochange the corporative image, 2) Development of the Photographic Work Catalogue which works like a Resume which has a high degree impact on the customers, 3) Creation of the institutional brochure and the web page. 4) Development of a dynamic cost and budget system who gave us as a result an excess of new promotions. 5) High penetration in government projects gave us the greater sales in thehistory of the company (Contracts in a year by more than $ 100’000,000 USD in 2007). 6) Accepted in the Precast Union, obtaining the Treasury in the ANIPPAC. 7) International alliances with some Spanish constructors took shape. June 2004 to June 2007: TEC Electrónica, S.A. of C.V. TEC Electronica (www.tec-mex.com.mx) is one of the main wholesalers and integrators of automatic identification solution(bar code, RFID, biometry, etc.); point of sale, scales and touch screen in Mexico. He is a Masters VAR and Distributor of Toshiba TEC Corporation in the country. Annual sales average in the last 3 years of 15 million dollars per year and 80 peoples were employed.

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Mario Antonio Escalante Silva
Sales Manager Mexico and Latin-America
Responsibilities: The primary objective of theposition was to increase the supply of product and services to Central and South America, to define the Commercial Strategy, to follow the Businesses Model and create a distribution channels in each one of the countries where Toshiba TEC Corp. will allowed it, since initially that territory was taken care by TEC Japan. Direct supervision of 7 employees and 4 of indirect way. Achievements: 1)...
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