T.A. Travel Agent
C: Client
C: Hello.
T.A: Good evening! My name is Catalina Vásquez, May I help you?
C: Yes, Ms. Vásquez, my name is Merahi Solar. I wouldtravel to Oceania
T.A: What thinks are you interested in? Are you interested in sports?
C: Yes, I interested in. I like Surf, kayak, sky and bungee, though I lovecultures and nature too.
T.A: I know the ideal place for you, New Zealand.
C: Really? Sound interesting! What can I find there?
T.A: New Zealand is famous for itculture and nature. You can visits the beaches and mountains in a someday.
C: Wow! I like it.
T.A: How long are you planning on staying?
C: I’m not sure; I think Iwill stay one week.
T.A: Are you traveling alone?
C: Yes, I’m. Do you have brochures about New Zealand?
T.A: Yes, I do. And I have two options for you. The first is atour for visit the culture MAORI, and the second is an adventure tour.
C: Oh! I like the second option! What can I do there!
T.A: You can do kayak, sky, fishing,snowboarding, mountaineering and more.
C: I love it! I want this package
T.A: Adventure tour included 3 nights in hotel Sheraton in Auckland, 3 nights in hotelMarriott in Wellington, breakfast, dinner, and transfers for different places. The air ticket is included too.
C: Fantastic! How much is this packages?
T.A: Cost USD3500
C: And Do I need Visa?
T.A: No, you don´t. don’t forget to bring your passport.
C: What is the schedule of bank and stores?
T.A: The bank is open 9:00 to 4:30and stores is open 9:30 to 5:30pm
C: What is the weather like in New Zealand?

C: I pay by check
T.A: Ok! Have a nice trip...Good bye!
C: Thanks! Good bye! [continua]

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