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Paul Smith

Since Paul Smith (1946 - ) launched his brand back in 1976, the brand has found its place not just into the fashion business ( a total of 12 different collections),but also through licencing rugs, china, eye-wear, perfumes; opening furniture shops and doing collaborations as with Apple or Evian.

I've chosen Paul Smith because i don`t reallyhave a brand “background” on it, and even though i know what they want to communicate (the brand is young, colorful, “preppy”..)

The brand is visually recognizable by the colorfulstripes and the logo: Paul Smith written in white with caligraphed typography.
So as recognizable as this is, i can`t stop thinking something is wrong. In one hand, they use theabove mentioned logo:

At the same time, they would write Paul Smith, in a completly different typography and in capital letters:

Nothing at all:

Or use a completly differentpackaging, that I wouldn't relate to the brand if it wouldn't have the name on it:

Here the name is written in black, in contrast to the usual white, and the logo is nowhere to beseen.
The shape of the bottle seem a bit random to me aswell, since all the other bottles are square:

About how How Paul Smith relates to “branding”, the designer himself saidin an interview that they really didn`t do branding, as compared to other brands as Louis Vuitton.

As I see it, it is not a big problem, since it's internationally well known, butthe fact that they have so many lines and licenced products might need for slightly different image strategies. I also think they can go on with this since its such a succesfullycommercial brand. In a smaller brand or a young designer, it might develop as an identity problem.

Above: for different visions of the brand. Furniture, clothing, shoes and bags)
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