Mi perro es {mas} grande {que} el de juan. - ingles- My dog is bigg{er} {than} juan s dog.
El celular de mi hermana es {menos} costoso {que} el mio.
-ingles- My sister s cellphone is cheap{er} than mine.
Ejemplo de comparativos en inglés:
• Aziel is taller than Ariel.
• Mauricio is small, but Alfredo is smaller.
• He's bigger than me.
• Elena is nicer than Cissnei
• Elena is hot, but Cissnei is hotter.
• Williams Molina is ugly, but Mauricio is handsome.
Ejemplo de Adjetivos comparativos en inglés
• A Mercedez Benz is a much expensive car than a Fiat [Un auto Mercedez Benz es mucho más caro que un Fiat]
• Adriano is much faster than Ronaldo[Adriano es mucho más rápido que Ronaldo]
Ejemplos de comparativos en ingles con adjetivos cortos (con ‘er’ y than…)

Katy es mas elegante que Paris y Miley. Katy is more elegant that Paris and Miley. Esta es una frase con comparitivo.
Seville is hotter than Oslo.
You’re much taller than your brother.
Bill Gates is richer than your boss.
You’re fatter than your Mum.
Ejemplos de comparativos con adjetivos largos en ingles (con ‘more + adjetivo’ y ‘than’)
He’s more dangerous now he has a gun.
Corporations are more corrupt than governments.
The Spanish are more prepared this world cup.
The models are more irritated now that the food hasn’t arrived.Ejemplos de comparativos irregulares en ingles
He’s a worse player than John.
Julia is a better cook than her husband.
Moscow is further from London that Paris.
Ejemplo de superlativos en inglés
• Williams Molina is the ugliest person in earth.
• Jorge is smart, and John is smarter, but Ronnie is the smartest.
• Aerith is hot, and Cissnei is hotter, but Tifa is the hottest.
• Gmail is the best email provider.
• Francis Coppola is a good director, and George Lucas is better, but Steven Spielberg is the best.
• Steven Spielberg is the best director in the world
Ejemplo de Adjetivos Superlativos en Inglés
• Kaká is the best soccer player in [continua]

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