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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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General Information
Dunia Castro.
October 30th 2010
Section A8
Miss Lic. Denia Centeno
My Best friend

October 30th
My best friend Edward is having aparty next Saturday. His sister Brenda is coming from the US, all his relatives and friends are going to be there. He asked to go but I have to stay home with mygrandfather because he has been sick and my parents are leaving to La Ceiba in order to pick up my grandmother who needs be taken to the hospital for an examination. We getalong very well each other. I hope I will find a chance to go to be at the party. I certainly hope so.
I remember I invited him to go to another´s friend party and hehad an inconvenient, I remember his father was sick, and I was begging him to come with me because I did not know any people in that just my friend of course. Thatday we were lucky because a relative from Tegucigalpa appeared and she could take care of his father. We stayed at the party for a while because there many people wedo not know and the kind of music they were playing was not good for us, even the food was not good, I did not let my friend know about that (I did not want her tofeel bad about it). We went to a movie the next day. The Iron man was playing that week it was a nice movie.
Next month we are thinking about going to Tela beach, theysay it is a nice play as a vacation place, first we need to finish our classes (we are having some exams these days and we do not want to fail). We were told therewas not make test, so we have to study hard in order to get good grades.
We hope we will do lots of things in our vacation but it will be written in another day.
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