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|Project Name: | |
|Prepared by:| |
|Date (MM/DD/YYYY): ||

The purpose of this template is to help the project team share knowledge gained from experience so that the entireorganization may benefit. A successful Lessons-Learned program will help project teams:

Repeat desirable outcomes
Avoid undesirable outcomes.

A. Your project team should begin to use this document atits first project meeting. Continually recording Lessons-Learned throughout the project is the best way to ensure that they are accurately recorded. Topics to consider include all of the following(feel free to change the list). The Lessons Learned Checklist is also available as a guide to discussion.

|Project Management |Technical Management |Human Factors|Overall |
|Project Planning |Requirements |Communication |Customer Satisfaction ||Resource Management |Specification |Team Experience |Technical Success |
|Risk Management |Test Plan|Interaction with Sponsor |Quality product |
|Change Control |Construction |Interaction with Customer|Product Accepted |
|Procurement |Testing |Interaction with Management |On Time |
|Budget Management...
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