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Datacenter Agility, Extensibility, and Efficiency with VMware vCloud Solutions

Datacenter Challenges Today
Virtualization provides a new level of cost-efficiency and agility in delivering IT services. Businesses have embraced the capabilities of virtualization to move beyond the highly manual and expensive delivery model of physical infrastructure. However, new challengesare emerging as businesses virtualize increasing portions of their datacenters. Virtual-machine sprawl and increased management overhead are creeping up on IT as end-user groups or organizations build out dedicated virtualized clusters. End users wait two to six weeks for virtual machines to be provisioned for their business needs. Increased management overhead and delayed responsiveness toend-user needs constrain an enterprise’s ability to compete in today’s fast-paced global economy. As a consequence, IT is increasingly under pressure from the business to become more costeffective and agile. End users are starting to mutiny by opting for the services offered by proprietary public clouds, which can potentially be both insecure and difficult to migrate away from. Lines of business areincreasingly sharing a common understanding that the best way to accelerate the business is to accelerate IT.

Source: CIO LinkedIn Market Pulse Survey, Oct 2010

Promise of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
The success of virtualization is the basis of a new model for the delivery of IT services— cloud computing. Cloud computing is an approach to computing that leverages the efficientpooling of an on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service. This approach separates applications and information from the complexity of underlying infrastructure so that IT can focus entirely on the planning, governance and enablement of business value. Virtualization is the foundation on which cloud infrastructure is built. In addition to the standardization that comes withvirtualization, cloud computing offers automation and self-service mechanisms that enable end users to consume infrastructure without the burden of manual configuration and provisioning. The combination of standardization, automation and self-service gives enterprises the agility they need to deliver IT services on virtual infrastructure.


Datacenter Agility,Extensibility, and Efficiency with VMware vCloud Solutions

The Most Efficient, Agile and Extensible Cloud Infrastructure
The proven leader in virtualization, VMware® delivers unprecedented efficiency, agility and extensibility with its VMware vCloud™ solution. In Gartner, Inc.’s most recent evaluation of cloud service providers, four of the five top service providers ran on technologies based on VMwarevCloud. Working with other industry leaders, VMware is helping enterprises gain the benefits of cloud computing while leveraging existing investments and retaining control. The VMware vCloud solution introduces new abstractions, similar to those available with VMware vSphere®, to take virtualization to the datacenter level. By pooling resources among multiple VMware vSphere clusters, the VMwarevCloud solution lowers the capital and operating costs of infrastructure. IT services are delivered as fully encapsulated and portable units—vApps—that can be manipulated through an open API and extended to deploy on any cloud compatible with VMware vCloud. End-user consumption is controlled through role-based access policies tied to organizational constructs and through virtual-networkingtechnologies that can enable similar virtual-machine environments to be deployed concurrently. VMware’s policy-driven approach to abstraction enables capabilities that alternative cloud infrastructure approaches cannot deliver. Resource-management policies can improve utilization of shared infrastructure by allowing resources to be overcommitted beyond baseline reservations. Resource pooling and virtual...
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