Ejemplos de terminos y condiciones para ordenes de compra en us

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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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1. Acceptance; Entire Agreement: This Purchase Order constitutes Buyer’s offer to purchase from Seller. BUYER EXPRESSLY OBJECTS TO AND EXPRESSLY REJECTS ANY PROVISIONS ADDITIONAL TO OR DIFFERENT THAN THE TERMS HEREOF THAT MAY APPEAR IN SELLER’S QUOTATION, ACKNOWLEDGMENT, CONFIRMATION, INVOICE OR IN ANY OTHER PRIOR OR LATER COMMUNICATION FROM SELLER TO BUYER UNLESS SUCH PROVISION IS EXPRESSLYAGREED TO BY BUYER IN A WRITING SIGNED BY BUYER. This Purchase Order shall supersede all prior negotiations, discussions, and dealings and shall constitute the entire agreement between Buyer and Seller. No change, modification, rescission, discharge, abandonment, or waiver of these terms and conditions shall be binding upon Buyer unless made in writing and signed on its behalf by a duly authorizedrepresentative of Buyer and specifically references this Purchase Order. No conditions, custom, usage of trade, course of dealing or performance, understanding or agreement purporting to modify, vary, explain, or supplement these terms and conditions shall be binding unless hereafter made in writing and signed by the party to be bound. Mistakes in prices, discounts, specifications, deliveryschedules or other terms and any noticeable discrepancies in quantities or sizes are to be reported immediately by Seller to Buyer and Seller shall immediately remedy such mistakes by refunding incorrect charges to Buyer or correcting such other discrepancies, unless otherwise directed by Buyer.
2. Delivery; Inspection; Rejected Products: Time is of the essence. If a delivery is not expected to be madeon-time, Seller will notify Buyer and will take all reasonable steps at Seller’s own cost to expedite delivery; provided, however, Buyer reserves the right, without liability, in addition to its other rights and remedies, to cancel this Purchase Order by notice to Seller and arrange for completion and/or purchase of substitute items elsewhere and to charge Seller with any loss or additional costsincurred. For all shipments (domestic or international), Seller will own the Products from its manufacturing facility to Buyer’s named place of delivery and title shall not pass and delivery shall not be deemed to occur until Buyer has received the Products at the final destination specified by Buyer. All risk of loss during carriage/transportation shall be the responsibility of Seller, and theProducts will be considered delivered only upon receipt at Buyer’s facility in conformance with the terms and conditions herein. Buyer has no obligation to obtain insurance while the Product is in transit from Seller’s facility to Buyer’s named place of delivery. Seller will use Buyer’s preferred carrier for transporting the Products hereunder. For international shipments, Seller shall make theProducts available for export fully cleared from customs and shall arrange for delivery of the Products to the consolidating hub or to Buyer’s specified carrier’s container yard at the port of shipment. Seller shall obtain all necessary export licenses and authorizations, and shall assume responsibility for all fees and costs associated with export customs formalities and with getting the Productsready for loading. Seller shall be responsible for the costs of checking operations, packaging and appropriate marking which are necessary for the purpose of delivering the Products. Seller shall provide, at Seller’s cost, the delivery order and/or usual transport document required for Buyer to take delivery of the Products. Seller shall give Buyer sufficient notice of the dispatch of theProducts and any other notice necessary to take delivery of the Products. Buyer shall pay for the costs of pre-shipment inspection except when such inspections are required by the country of export. Buyer shall obtain all necessary import licenses and authorizations and shall assume responsibility for all fees and costs associated with import customs formalities, including but not limited to import...