Ejercicios 1st grade

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Ejercicios1st Grade
Unit 3: Hobbies, leisure and sport

Friends’ cupid


You love dancing

go to dance

You like playing soccer

play soccer

You love ice-cream

go for anice-cream

You love films

go to the cinema

You like museums

go to the museum

You like parties

go to a party

You love skating

go skating

You like playing basketball


You love walking

go for a walk

You like classical music

go to a classical music concert

You love theatre plays

go to the theatre

You like shopping centres

go shoppingDISEÑO
La página consta de 24 tarjetas con texto. Los textos de las tarjetas de la columna A inician con mayúscula. Los textos
de la columna B son completamente en minúsculas. Las líneas de lastarjetas son punteadas para indicar que deben
ser recortadas.

ACTIVITY: Friends’ cupid– Group work: speaking
T IME: 30 minutes
AIM: To ask and answer questions and match invitations to likes.LANGUAGE: Functions 3.1 Expressing preferences, likes and dislikes and 3.2 Inviting and responding to invitations
Grammar: direct objects, questions to make invitations

R on L


Beforeclass: Make two copies of the worksheet in different colors. Cut the set of cards
from column A in one color and the ones from column B in the other color. If there are
more than 24 students in theclass, then you will need to prepare more cards.
In class:
1. Divide the group into two parts, A and B. If there are more than 24 students, divide the
group into four, two parts A and two parts B.2. Elicit from students why people become friends, trying to get that it happens when they
find someone similar. Explain then that they are going to make new friends according to
their likes anddislikes.
3. Tell them that you are going to give students A a card saying what their favorite hobby
will be during the activity and that it is also what they supposedly do at the weekends.
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