Ejercicios de calentamiento para ninos en futbol

Hit the Coach (dribbling, shooting)
Skills taught: In this game the players will practice stop and go dribbling in a crowd.  They will have to keep their head up in order not to run into otherplayers and to find their target. The will also learn how to shoot or pass of the dribble when the opportunity is right.
How the game works: Each player has a ball.  Pick an inbounds area and use cones toestablish it.  The younger the children, the smaller the playing area should be.  On the coach's call, the game starts.  The players dribble the ball around and try to hit the coach, who is runningall around in the inbounds area.  After they hit the coach 5 times,
the coach has to make an animal noise selected by the last player to hit the coach.  

Freeze Tag (great warm up, dribbling,passing, defense)
Skills taught: the players will practice keeping the ball away from a defender and how to take advantage of a defenders decisions.
How the game works: Set up an in bounds are and giveeach player a ball except for one.  The player without the ball is 'it" and tries to freeze you by touching (not kicking it away) your ball.  When this happens the player is frozen and must lift theball above their head and spread their legs wide to create a "goal."  The player can be 'un-frozen'
when another player kicks the ball through the frozen players legs.  Play until all players arefrozen or the player that is it is exhausted.
Tip: This is another great warm up game.  The players will just show up and start playing.  If your players are not able to get everyone frozen add a secondchaser.
Red Light, Green Light (dribbling in control)
Skills taught: Change of speed and dribbling in control.
How the game works: This well known children’s game makes a great drill.  All playersstart on one side of the field with a ball.  Coach yells "Green Light" and turns her back to the players.  Yell "Red Light" and then turn back around.  All players should have moved forward and now...
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