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1. A 75 kg swimmer dives horizontally off a 500 kg raft. If the diver’s speed immediately after
leaving the raft is 4 m/s, what is thecorresponding raft speed?

a. 0.2 m/s
b. 0.5 m/s
c. 0.6 m/s
d. 4.0 m/s

2. A 75 kg swimmer dives horizontally off a 500 kg raft. The diver’s speed immediately after leaving the raft is4 m/s. A microsensor system attached to the edge of the raft measures the time interval during which the diver applies an impulse to the raft just prior to leaving the raft surface. If the timeinterval is read as 0.2 s, what is the magnitude of the average horizontal force by diver on the raft?

a. 900 N
b. 450 N
c. 525 N
d. 1500 N

3. During a snowball fight two ballswith masses of 0.4 and 0.6 kg, respectively, are thrown in such a manner that they meet headon and combine to form a single mass. The magnitude of initial velocity for each is 15 m/s. What is the speedof the 1.0 kg mass immediately after collision?

a. zero
b. 3.0 m/s
c. 6.0 m/s
d. 9.0 m/s

4. A 2500kg truck moving at 10 m/s strikes a car waiting at a traffic light, hookingbumpers. The two continue to move together at 7 m/s. What was the mass of the struck car?

a. 1730 kg
b. 1550 kg
c. 1200 kg
d. 1070 kg

5. A 0.12 kg ball is moving at 6 m/s when it is hit bya bat, causing it to reverse direction and have a speed of 14 m/s. What is the change of momentum of the ball?

a. 0.39 kg m/s
b. 0.42 kg m/s
c. 1.3 kg m/s
d. 2.4 kg m/s

6. A cannon ofmass 1500 kg fires a 10 kg shell with a velocity of 200 m/s at an angle of 45˚ above the horizontal. Find the recoil velocity of the cannon across the level ground.

a. 1.33 m/s
b. 0.94 m/s
c. 2.41m/s
d. 1.94 m/s

7. A machinegun is attached to a railroad flat car that rolls with negligible friction. If the railroad car has a mass of 6.25 104 kg, how many bullets of mass 25 grams would...
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