Ejercicios de ingles 3er nivel

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1."The gardener cut the grass yesterday", my mother said.

2."I did not understand the lesson", my sister said.

3."We will travel to New York the next year", my father said.4."I will not go to work tomorrow", I told my wife.

5."Peter is going to write a letter", the secretary said.

6."It is very expensive", the lady said.

7."He is such an irritableperson", the teacher told me.

8."I am working now!", my father said.

9."We are finishing our homework", the pupils answered.

10."They are studying maths", the teacher explained.

11."I amreading a book", I told my sister.

12."My father loved the farm", my neighbour said.

13."I have felt very nervous", I said.

14."We knew him in Australia", my husband and my son said.

15."Inever work on Sundays", I told my boss.

Reported commands, affirmative sentences - Exercise 2
Explanation: Reported commands
Principio delformulario

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

Example: Peter: "Clean the black shoes!"
Peter told me_________________________

Answer: Peter told me to clean the black shoes. |
Final del formulario

1) Andrew: "Clean the blue bike!"
Andrew told me . |
2) Jessica: "Write a text message!"
Jessicatold me . |
3) Nelly: "Help Peter's sister!"
Nelly told me . |
4) Fred: "Wash your hands!"
Fred told me . |
5) Anna: "Open the window!"
Anna told me . |
6) Tom: "Come at 8!"
Tom told me . |7) Teacher: "Do your homework!"
The teacher told me . |
8) Doris: "Dance with me!"
Doris told me . |
9) Sabine: "Meet Sandy at the station!"
Sabine told me . |
10) Victoria: "Check youre-mails!"
Victoria told me . |

Ejercicios: Transformaciones con should, ought to y had better
Principio del formulario
1. My physician advised me...
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