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Bas1f Everyday things

What time do you wake up? I wake up at 5:30.
What time do you get up? I get up at 5:45.
What time do you have
the morning meeting? We have it at 6:30.
Whattime do you and
Carlos have breakfast? __ have breakfast at 7:00.
What time do Carmela and
Ana go to work? ___ go to work at 7:40.
When do Galdy and Natalia
have lunch? ___have lunch at 12:30.
What time do you get off
work everyday? __ get off work at 7p.m.

Do you have dinner at 8p.m.? Yes, I have dinner at 8.
Do you watch tv after dinner? Yes, I do.
Whattime do you go to bed? ___ go to bed at 10p.m.

Do you cook at home? No, I don´t.
Do you and Judith study English? Yes, we do.
Do Veronica and David go home together? No,they don´t.
Do Bertha and Dayana play volley ball? Yes, they do.
Do you write reports everyday? No, I don’t.
Do you do liftings? Yes, I do.
Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes, I do.
DO=auxiliar, usado en preguntas y oraciones negativas. Como aux. no significa nada.
Se utiliza con los pronombres personales: I – You – they – we.

1. - I prepare breakfast for everybody.________________________________________________
2. - Carla and in Miraflores.
3. – Jenny and Astrid go to the gym three days a week.________________________________________________________
4. – I install computer programs.
5. – Wehave breakfast at 7:15 in the morning.

6. – I don’t like whisky.-------------------------------------------------

Answer the questions with a short answer and a comment:
Example: Do Pedro and Maria study French at night?
You: No, they don’t. They study in the afternoon.

1. - Do...
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