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1. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked.
She asked where her umbrella was.
2. "How are you?" Martin asked us.
Martin asked us how we were.
3. He asked, "Do I have to do it?"
He asked if he had to do it.
4. "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter.
The mother asked her daughter where she had been.
5. "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend.
She askedher boyfriend which dress he liked best.
6. "What are they doing?" she asked.
She wanted to know what they were doing.
7. "Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me.
He wanted to know if I was going to the cinema.
8. The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?"
The teacher wanted to know who spoke English.
9. "How do you know that?" she asked me.
She asked me how I knew that.
10."Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me.
My friend asked me if Caron had talked to Kevin.

"What's the time?" he asked.
He wanted to know what the time was.
1. "When will we meet again?" she asked me.
She asked me when we would meet again.
2. "Are you crazy?" she asked him.
She asked him if he was crazy.
3. "Where did they live?" he asked.
He wanted to know where theyhad lived.
4. "Will you be at the party?" he asked her.
He asked her if she would be at the party.
2) Helen:"I was writing a letter yesterday."
Helen told me that she had been writing a letter the day before.
3) Robert:"My father flew to Dallas last year."
Robert told me that his father had flown to Dallas the year before.
4) Lisa:"Tim went to the stadium an hour ago."
Lisa said that Timhad gone to the stadium an hour before.
5) Patricia:"My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend."
Patricia said that her mother would celebrate her birthday the following weekend.
6) Michael:"I am going to read a book this week."
Michael said to me that he was going to read a book that week.
7) Jason and Victoria:"We will do our best in the exams tomorrow."
Jason and Victoria toldme that they would do their best in the exams the next day.
8) Andrew:"We didn't eat fish two days ago."
Andrew remarked that they hadn't eaten fish two days before.
9) Alice:"I spent all my pocket money on Monday."
Alice complained that she had spent all her pocket money on Monday.
10) David:"John had already gone at six."
David said that John had already gone at six.

6. "Can youmeet me at the station?" she asked me.
She asked me if I could meet her at the station.
7. "Who knows the answer?" the teacher asked.
The teacher wanted to know who knew the answers
8. "Why don't you help me?" she asked him.
She wanted to know why he didn't help her.
9. "Did you see that car?" he asked me.
He asked me if I had seen that car.
10. "Have you tidied up your room?" themother asked the twins.
The mother asked the twins if they had tidied up their room

1. "Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said.
The teacher told Joe to stop talking.
2. "Be patient," she said to him.
She told him to be patient.
3. "Go to your room," her father said to her.
→ Her father told her to go to her room.
4. "Hurry up," she said to us.
→ She told us to hurry up.
5. "Give methe key," he told her.
→ He asked her to give him the key.
6. "Play it again, Sam," she said.
→ She asked Sam to play it again
7. "Sit down, Caron" he said.
→ He asked Caron to sit down.
8. "Fill in the form, Sir," the receptionist said.
→ The receptionist asked the guest to fill in the form.
9. "Take off your shoes," she told us.
→ She told us to take off our shoes.
10. "Mind your ownbusiness," she told him.
→ She told him to mind his own business.

1. "Don't touch it," she said to him.
→ She told him not to touch it.
2. "Don't do that again," he said to me.
→ He told me not to do that again.
3. "Don't talk to me like that," he said.
→ He told her not to talk to him like that.
4. "Don't repair the computer yourself," she warned him.
→ She warned him not to...
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