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1. What are the presuppositions in the following statements?

The brother of my girlfriend is coming to visit.
He doesn’t like his brother-in-law
Hisgirlfriend has one brother only
She has more brothers
His girlfriend likes her brother

Mark, Is it fun being an idiot?
Mark is an idiot
The speaker thinks Mark isn’t an idiot
Thespeaker thinks Mark is an idiot
Mark isn’t an idiot

2. Identify the speech acts of the following utterances (excuse, threat, refusal, etc.)

a) I’m sorry. I didn’t know he’d passed away___________________
b) I didn’t do it. ___________________
c) You’re allowed to speak. ___________________
d) Could you come over this evening? ___________________

3. Which conversationalmaxims are violated?

(At a neighbor’s house, the children broke several pieces of art)
A. -My children are so well-behaved
B. -Yes, they are.

(At a bus station)A. -Can you tell me the time?
B. -Yes, I can.

(A conversation between a father and a son)
A. -who broke the vase
B. -it was one of your two sons______________________________
4. Look at the following dialogue sequences. Which one (ones) can be considered as pieces of successful/unsuccessful communication? (Write s for successful and u for unsuccessful)(a) A: Do you know the way to the bus station?
B: Yes, I do. __________
(b) A: There's really bad air in here, don't you think?
B: Yes, you're right. (B opens a window)__________
(c) A: Is the boss in?
B: Well, the lights are still on in his office. __________

5. Determine which of the following notions: paraphrasing, presupposition, contradiction,ambiguity, analytical applies to each of the following sentences and sentence pairs:

a) All equilateral triangles have three equal sides.
b) The wine I didn’t drink tasted sour to me
c) I don’t...
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