Ejercicios De May Y Might Y De Will Y Wont

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Will or Won´t
Complete the sentences with Will or Won´t
1. Don't get up, I´ll answer the phone.
2. If you eat too much you´ll put on weight.
3. Don't stay out too late, you won´t get up on time.4. I don't think she´ll pass the exam, she isn't very good.
5. You may as well go home now, I won´t be back for hours.
6. Go to bed and you´ll feel better tomorrow.
7. It's Mary's birthday nextmonth. She´ll be 18.
8. They are on holiday for two weeks so they won´t be here tomorrow.
9. Will they want dinner?
10. If the weather is ok, the plane will leave on time.

Make affirmative,negative sentences and questions with Simple Future
1. Harry / cause / trouble
* Positive: Harry will cause trouble.
* Negative: Harry won´t cause trouble.
* Question: Will Harrycause trouble?
1. You / copy / the homework
* Positive: You´ll copy the homework.
* Negative: You won´t copy the homework.
* Question: Will you copy the homework?
2. Theclouds / disappear
* Positive: The clouds will disappear.
* Negative: The clouds won´t disappear.
* Question: Will the clouds disappear?
3. He / marry / his girlfriend
*Positive: He´ll marry his girlfriend.
* Negative: He won´t marry his girlfriend.
* Question: Will he marry his girlfriend?

4. The snowman / melt
* Positive: The snowman willmelt.
* Negative: The snowman won´t melt.
* Question: Will the snowman melt?
5. The people / panic
* Positive: The people will panic.
* Negative: The people won´tpanic.
* Question: Will the people panic?
6. They / react / to my question
* Positive: They´ll react to my question.
* Negative: They won´t react to my question.
*Question: Will they react to my question?
7. She / teach / in London
* Positive: She´ll teach in London.
* Negative: She won´t teach in London.
* Question: Will she teach in London?...
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