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The Omega Files
Short Stories

Page 44 act 1.Read the back cover ofthe book, and these introduction on the first page.What do you know abut these stories?Tick one bot for each sentence.

1.Hawker and Jude travel all over the world. YES
2.They work for the American Departament of Intelligence NO
3.The Omega Files are in all the newspaper NO
4.There aresome surprisingstories in the files YES
5.Hawker and Jude write for a newspaper NO
6.Hawker and Jude always find the answers. YES

Page 44 act 2.What is going to happenin these stories?Can you guess?Use these table to make some sentence.

Hawker and Jude find a dangerous drog in London
Hawker and Jude climb a volcano on Pacific Island.
Hawker and Jude talk to a crazy Australian in aspaceship
Hawker and Jude kill a monster in Scotland
Hawker and Jude go dancing with a young man in London

Page 45 act 1.Read about EDI and then read Omega Files 349.Are these sentence (T)True or (F)False?Rewrite the false ones with the correct information.

1.Johny Cook went swimming hearly every day. F
Johny Cook went dancing hearly every day.
2.When they left the lost club ,Hawker andJude took Johny Cook to their house for dinner. V
3.Johny cook wanted to sell a story about a drug company to a newspaper. V
4.The company used homeless people for lenguage test. F
The company used homeless people for drugs.
5.Johny Cook knew about these because he listened through the wall. T
6.Hawker wanted to talk to Johny Cook again. T
7.Hawker and Jude couldn't talk to Johny Cookagain because he was in a New York. F
Hawker and Jude couldn't talk to Johny Cook again because he was killed.

Page 45 act 1.At the end of the story Arla say `forget it ´, so Hawker and Jude can´t ask the questions.What questions would you like them to Ask Arla?Use these words to make some questions.

·Who was with Johny Cook when he fell in the river?
·Who finds Johny Cook`s body in theriver?
·Who did you telephone when you went to have coffe?
·Who said Johny Cook 's story wasn`t true?

Page 46 act 1.Read Omega File 451:Loch Ness ,Scotland down to the bottom of page 21.Choose the best question-word for these questions ,and them answer them.

1.How did people around the loch help Hawker and Jude?
2.What did Hawker and Jude do every night?
3.What did the men ingrey want Hawker and Jude ?
4.What did the monster do nearly every night?
5.How did Archie Campbell help Hawker and Jude ?

Page 46 act 2.Before you finish reading Omega Files 451,can you guess how the story ends?Which of these endings do you like best?Tick all the ones you like.

Jude shoots the monster and kills it.
The monster really is Nessie,the loch Ness monster.

Page 47 act 1.Readthe Omega File 522:Galápagos,Ecuador down to the bottom of page 37.Then match these halves of sentences to make five sentences.

1.Arla wanted Hawker and Jude to go to Isabela Island because he had strange e-mails about visitors there.
2.Dr Miller was very angry with everybody because nobody believed his stories about the spaceship.
3.Hawker and Jude started down into the crater but DrMiller did not believe the news on the radio .
4.In the night they listened to the radio and heard the news about Volcano erupting.
5.They wanted Dr Miller to go with them to the boat, but they could not see anything through clowds of stream and dust down there.

Page 47 act 2.Before you finish reading Omega File 522,can you guess the answers to the questions?

1.Does Jim Miller go to the boatwith Hawker and Jude?
2.Does the volcano erupt?
Yes,it does
3.Do Hawker and Jude get to the boat before the volcano erupts?
Yes,they do
4.Does anybody get killed?
I think Dr Miller
5.Does Jim Miller leave the island in the spaceship?
No,he doesn't
6.Do Hawker and Jude both see the spaceship?
No,they don't
7.Is it possible that there really is a spaceship?
Yes, It is

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