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2. It was sunny, but it was cold, too.
3. They wanted not just political independence, but also economic independence.
4. He is not German, but he speaksthe language well.
5. The politics is nice but the men die before time it.
6. The ideal one is eternal but badly it not.
7. The animal does not belong to Luis but it was my.
8. She does not singbut if she shouts.
9. Sergio works too much but I work always.
10. They are girls but we women.

1. Jesus is love and peace.
2. She does not study and works.
3. Patty is my friend andadviser.
4. ¿is luciana with juan and maria.?
5. ¿Are they luis and carlos?
1. Do you cut my cake please ?
2. She doesn’t cut the hair.
3. She cut very nice.
4. Dou you playthe class ?
5. He doesn’t play soccer.
6. He play my letter.
7. Does he hit my dog ?
8. He doesn’t hit my toys.
9. He hit our tables.
10. Does she drink soda?
11. She drink a coffeein my house.
12. you don’t drink for my birthday.
13. Pipo run in the stadium.
14. Does she run out of class?
15. You don’t run in my park.

1. Luisa cut my door.
2. I didn’t cut the movie.
3. Did you cut the newspaper?
4. He played in my office.
5. He didn’t played in the street.
6. Did he played tennis yesterday?
7. Did you hit thewindow ?
8. He hit my bag.
9. Marco didn’t hit our pencils.
10. He drank my wine.
11. I didn’t drank a real beer.
12. Did you drank the medicine ?
13. She ran in my road.
14. Didyou ran out of class?
15. I didn’t ran in the Olympic games.

1. He is cutting my book.
2. They aren’t cutting the paper.
3. Is she cutting the newspaper.
4.They are playing my guitar.
5. Are you playing my piano ?
6. Lucia isn’t playing with me.
7. He is hitting our animals.
8. They aren’t hitting their books .
9. Are You hitting my...
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