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1) Preposition of place

2) There is and There are
1. There many animals in the zoo.
2. There a snake in the window.
3. There a zebra in the grass.
4. There lions in thezoo, too.
5. There many baby lions near their parents.
6. There a bird next to the tree.
7. There many monkeys in the trees.
8. There an elephant in the zoo.
9. There some water inthe lake near the elephants.
10. There birds in the zoo.
11. There many people visiting the animals today.
12. There many children, too.
13. There a gorilla in the tree.
14. Theresome grass under the tree.
15. There bananas in the tree with the gorilla.
16. There many birds near the gorilla.
17. There a rock near the tree.
18. There many sharks in the aquarium.19. There an eel in the aquarium, too.
20. There lots of water for the fish.
21. There many animals to see at the zoo.
3) Habitual Activities

3) ayes
4) How Often
1. How often doyou eat cereal for breakfast?
2. How often do you use a computer?
3. How often do you speak English?
4. How often do you exercise?
5. How often do you go to the movie theater?
6.How often do you watch TV?
7. How often do you read a book?
8. How often do you go to parties?
9. How often do you eat ice cream?
10. How often do you go to the park?

5)Present Continuous: yes/no question.
1. John (read) a book now?
2. What (you do) tonight?
3. Jack and Peter (work) late today?
4. Silvia (not listen) to music?
5. Maria (sit) next to Paul?
6.How many other students (you study) with?
7. The phone (not ring)?

6) Information Questions

A: _____________ does it leave?
B: I don't know.
? Who
? What
? When
? HowA: _____________ one do you want?
B: The blue one, please.
? Who
? When
? How
? Which
A: _____________ are you so happy?
B: I've got a new job.
? What
? When...