Ejercicios ergonomicos

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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Ergonomic Checklist
• Adjust your chair so the lumbar support touches the curve of the small of your back. Keeping the lower back in this balanced position helps align the head, neck andshoulders.
• Maintain good posture when working; sit all the way back in the chair against the backrest. Keep your knees equal to, or lower than your hips with your feet supported.
• If you don't havea fully adjustable chair, a back or lumbar cushion can be a good alternative.
• Avoid flexing or extending your back while working on the computer.
• Stand periodically to reduce pressure on yourback and improve circulation.
• Take periodic stretch breaks (1 or 2 minute breaks every 20-30 minutes and a 5 minute break every hour): Sit up straight and imagine you have a cable attached to thetop of your head. Feel the cable slowly pull you up higher and higher. Holder for a few seconds. Relax and repeat three times.
Arms, Wrists, & Hands
• Adjust the keyboard height to allow an "openangle" (100° to 110°) with your arms. When positioned properly, the keyboard should be placed above laptop level to allow your arms to tilt downward while leaving your elbows at a comfortable openangle (100° to 110°). A slightly negative keyboard tilt will encourage a neutral wrist position. To avoid a positive tilt, make sure the legs on the back of the keyboard are in a lowered position.
•Key with your forearms parallel to the floor or angled slightly downward while keeping the wrists straight.
• Avoid overreaching by keeping the mouse and keyboard within close reach. Center the mostfrequently used section of the keyboard directly in front of you.
• Use a good typing technique by floating your arms above the keyboard and keep your wrist straight when keying.
• If using a palmsupport or wrist rest, avoid planting and pivoting your wrists while keying. Wrist rests or palm supports are intended for resting between keying.
• Use a light force when striking the keys.
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