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Most companies are made up of three groups of people: the shareholders (who provide the capital), the management and the workforce. The management structure of a typical company is shown in an organisation chart.

At the top of the company hierarchy is the Board of Directors, headed by theChairperson or President. The Board is responsible for policy decision and strategy. It will usually appoint a Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who has overall responsibility for the running of the business. Senior managers or company officers head the various departments or functions within the company, which may include the following.

Marketing Finance
Public Relations(PR) Production
Inforamtion Technology (IT) Research and Development (R&D)
Personnel or Human Resources (HR)


When a company needs to recruit or employ new people, it may decide to advertise the job or position in the appointments section of a newspaper. People who are interested can then apply for the job by sending in a letter of application or covering letter (US coverletter) and a curriculum vitae or CV (US résumé) containing details of their education and experience. A company may also ask candidates to complete a standard application form. The company’s Human Resources department will then select the most suitable applications and prepare a short list of candidates or applicants, who are invited to attend an interview. Another way for a company to hire is byusing the services of recruitment agency (US search firm) who will provide them with a list of suitable candidates.


‘Prefer a Camping Trip to a Cocktail Party?’

PATAGONIA has a new position open: Public Affairs Associate

Job is based in Munich. Candidates must have substantial PR / Press experience and strong writing skills. They musthave serious proficiency in technical sports (skiing, kayaking, climbing…) and outdoor experience. German mother tongue. Environmental background a plus. No glamour… it’s a gritty job!

Patagonia is a Californian company which designs and distributes functional outdoor clothing. Send CV with picture to:

Patagonia. Nathalie Baudoin
Patagonia Gmbh
Retmorstrasse 50
8000 Munich 22 – GermanyInterviews will be held in Munich during the last week of October.


The letter of application (also called the covering letter) can be as important as the CV in that it often provides the first direct contact between a candidate and an employer.

If this letter is not well written and presented, it will make a poor impression. The letter of application normallycontains three or more paragraphs in which you should:

1) Confirm that you wish to apply and say where you learned about the job.

2) Say why you are interested in the position and relate your interests to those of the company.

3) Show what you can contribute to the job by highlighting your most relevant skills and experience.

4) Indicate your willingness to attend an interview (andpossibly state when you would be free to attend.)

Now, complete Fiona Scott’s CV with an appropriate word or expression.

|Fiona Scott |
|1 .............................................. |
|Date of Birth: 7 August 1985 |
|Nationality: British |
|Address: 52...
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