Ejercicios Much/Many Ingles

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Ø did you pay for these books?
Ø apples are there in the fruit bowl?
Ø times have you been in London?
Ø brothers do you have?
Øsugar do you take in your coffee?
Ø was that t-shirt?
Ø times have you seen that film?
Ø students are there in your class?
Ø water did you want?
Ø childrenwere there at the party?
Ø secrets have you got?
Ø subjects did you fail last year?
Ø hours have you been studying?
Ø flour do we need to make the cake?
Økilometres can you run without stopping?
Ø girls are there in your school?

Exercises on some / any
Principio del formulario
Exercise 1
Fillin the correct word (some or any).
1. Sue went to the cinema with  of her friends!
2. Jane doesn't have  friends.
3. Have you got  brothers or sisters?
4. Here is  food for the cat.5. I think you should put  flowers on the table.
6. Could you check if there are  calls on the answering machine?
7. I don't want  presents for my birthday.
8. Did they have  news foryou?
9. I'm hungry - I'll have  sandwiches.
10. There aren't  apples left..

How much / how many
Click on the buttons until you find the correct answer
1 We need some tea. ______ do weneed?
A.How much
B.How many
2 We need some eggs. ______ do we need?
A.How much
B.How many
3 We need some paper. ______ do we need?
A.How much
B.How many
4 We need some money. ______do we need?
A.How much
B.How many
5 ______ cigarettes do you smoke a day?
A.How much
B.How many
6 ______ packets of cigarettes do you have?
A.How much
B.How many
7 ______ work haveyou got to do?
A.How much
B.How many
8 ______ sleep did you get last night?
A.How much
B.How many
9 ______ children have you got?
A.How much
B.How many
10 ______ bottles of...
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