Ejercicios para currantes

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Stop, get up and move
Getting up and walking around is the best exercise you can get to provide a break from sitting,concentrating and using the muscles of the arms and hands. About every 20 to 30 minutes is a guide to how often it is helpful to move around. Even getting up for 20 to 30 seconds to pick uppapers from the photocopier or get some water is a way to change your posture and give muscles a chance to recover.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h and check!
Stretching exercises help to relax muscleswhich have been working and move those which have been in a fixed position. If possible, stand up to do your stretches.
B.1 Neck stretch

While you are exercising, read the notes alongsideeach instruction and consider whether your workstation is adjusted to suit you. Refer to Section 2 for information on job design. • Do a few of these exercises a few times every day. •Dots show the muscles that you are exercising. • Make sure you relax and perform them gently. • Hold the stretch or repeat as indicated on the diagram. • Do not over-stretch. • Stop if youfeel discomfort when performing an action. • Remember to do each side.


Neck stretch
Keeping your chin tucked in, gently lower ear to shoulder and hold for 10 seconds on eitherside. Repeat several times. See Figure B.1.
B.2 Head turns

Head turns
Turn head slowly to look over left shoulder. Turn head the other way. Repeat several times. See Figure B.2.

Raise the head to straighten the neck. Tuck the chin in and upwards creating a double chin. This also results in a forward tilt of the head. Repeat several times. See Figure B.3.Check neck posture
• Position the top of your screen at eye level. • Use a document holder directly beside or below the screen – it saves you looking down.

B.3 Chin tucks

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