Ejercicios simple past / should-shouldn't / what does she look like-what is she like

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Remember this?

I ) Fill in the blanks with the SIMPLE PAST of the words below
Is(está) – are(están) – travel(viajar) – arrive(llegar) – carry(llevar) – stop(detener) – meet(encontrar)– go(ir) – run(correr) – see(ver)

1. I _______ at the airport yesterday, but you weren’t there.
2. I _______ to USA last summer.
3. I ________ a lot of things yesterday, my bag, my books, etc.
4.He _______ when he saw the bus was coming
5. Do you remember Elisa? I _______ her yesterday.
6. We ______ best friends in the college.
7. _______ it rainy yesterday?
8. He ________ her, with hisblack eyes, but it was already too late, she was with another man.
9. I ______ in the marathon yesterday.
10. I didn’t _______ to the party yesterday, I wasn’t feeling good

II) should/shouldn’tFill the blanks with should and shouldn’t

1. I have a cold
You___________ wear warmer clothes.

2. I have a sore throat
You ______ eat honey

3. I have a sprained ankle
You _______ walk.4. I have a headache.
You ________ effort too much.

Unit 1: Image

Complete the following sentences with the words below
Slim(delgado) – tall(alto) – young(joven) – short(chico/corto) –wavy(ondulado) – dark(oscuro) – blond(rubia) – red(rojo)

She is a secretary, she is very ________, and she is not very old, in fact, she is ______.
so she looks fine with the color of hair that she has,her hair is _____ and ______, she is
not the typical stupid _______ girl, her boyfriend is very tall, but she is ______ too, her skirt is very _______ so you can see her legs, she has a _____ skin butshe is very

Complete the following sentences with the words below
Arrogant(arrogante) – confident(confianza en si mismo) – daring(que se atreve) –
fit(en forma) – fun(divertido) –helpful(que ayuda) – pushy(mandona) – shy(tímido)
friendly (amistoso) – quiet(tranquila) – healthy(con buena salud)

She is part of a band, more specifically she is the leader of it, like every...