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Principio del formulario
1. Peter________________________ (is / is going to be) fifty next Friday.
2. Principio del formulario
2.Oh no! I've broken the vase. What ___________________(am I going to say / will I say)?
3. Final del formulario

Principio del formulario
3. Jack ______________________-(is having / will have) adinner party next Saturday.
Principio del formulario
4. By the time you arrive, I'll _______________-(have been / be) working for two hours.
Principio del formulario
5. John hasn't eaten. - Don'tworry _______________(I will make / I am going to make) him a sandwich.
Principio del formulario
6. We'll go out for dinner when he __________________-(gets in / will get in).
The Quiz Marathon(begin) ____________________________ in five minutes. 
Final del formularioFinal del formulario
Final del formulario
Final del formulario

The Quiz Marathon (begin) ____________________________ in five minutes. 
Claude Jennings, (who / answer)____________________________ questions from a group of quiz writers. 
Claude (answer) ____________________________ the questions for a very long time. 
If all goes well, his name (be) ________________________ in the nextGuinness Book of Records. 
1.      Andrew intends to get up early tomorrow. 
Andrew: I ________________________ early tomorrow.
2.      Vicky’s timetable says ‘Arrival 10.30’. 
Vicky: The train ________________________ at 10.30.
3.      Daniel has made an appointment to see his bank manager tomorrow. 
Daniel: I ________________________ my bank manager tomorrow.
4.      The teacher promises togive his students some more examples next week. 
Teacher: I ________________________ you some more examples next week.
5.      There is a crowd of football supporters with lots of beer gathering...
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