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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2010
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This Action research was made with the finallity to know what is the real situation of the recent graduates of the universities of our city to find ajob related with their careers. As all we know this has been always a problem in the diferents generations of students. But this problem its not only for students of aadministrative areas also is a problem for people who study engineering areas.
In this work I present the problem and its posibles roots and causes like the actualfinancial crisis or the small laboral area also it’s a problem there are not vacancies in the maquiladoras etc. To have real information were maded a serie of studiesin small area to know and be certain that what the real problem is?. I use a diferents instruments like interviews, test, and direct observation with people in amaquiladora of Rio Bravo city.
In serie of instruments used to ask to the people about their jobs and what they feel about the relation between their professionalcareers and their jobs. The most of the people answered that they do not find job because they have not experience in the laboral area. Also they lack other skills likespeak enligsh or need more training in their area. But not only is the lack of work also when they are hire they put them in other areas that has nothing to do with hiscareer.
The posible solution is implement a program between the Maquiladoras Asociattion and the universities of the city. This program will be consist in a serie oftrainings and workshops to brin g more students with the real working world. Also this program pretends to give the experience real that need to find a good job.
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