El abc de las franquicias

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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Ferenz Feher

The conference began with a phrase that says that a negotiator is someone who's never satisfied with what you have.

After the display beganto explain the definition of franchise in a very simple with the story of a tramp who was begging outside a church that had a hat on each hand, when asked why the man replied that as he had donevery well with his right hand decided to open a branch in his right hand.

I think this is quite obvious that a franchise offers the franchisee some very useful tools such as experience, effectivemethods of performing procedures (most commonly called the know-how), suppliers, etc. However, it is important to note that a franchise is no guarantee of success, and that whoever buys it will bemillionaire overnight will have to work on it, and remember that a franchise is not for sale and sell that would be given franchise rights to franchise, a franchise is granted.

Also mention theconcept of franchisee or franchisor, a person who has developed a successful business under a particular method about a product or service and seeks to expand through the granting investors theright to operate under its brand and methods. Instead, the franchisor or franchisee is an investor who acquires the right to market a particular business concept and all methods relating to it.

Toend the franchise gave some statistics and some differences between businesses and franchises, functionality, percentages of Mexican and foreign franchises in Mexico, etc..
Personally I found theexperience very good, exposure is very good and are providing many opportunities for entrepreneurial people, I call your attention to soto supporting the indigenous community.

The conference didnot seem unusual, did not learn anything new, but I think there are some others that would be worth well worth it.
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