El aborto en ingles

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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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The Abortion

Woman has a right to an abortion.
Positions for and against.
Feminine and masculine stance on the issue.

1. Woman has a right to an abortion
By choosingthis theme we think or believe that the woman has no right to perform the abortion, because it was their willingness to maintain or have sex. We further believe that the right to life is more importantthan the right to her own body.

2. Stance and Cons
Anti Abortion.
• Legalizing abortion does not eliminate illegal abortions: the liberation of the law to increase production of prodigious legalabortions and illegal abortions would not drop, but often would rise so that its cost could not be addressed by some social sectors such as poor people or poor, which is in short the most affected,so it would continue just as illegal abortions.
• The mother has a right over her own body, but not on another human being like that is brewing inside, as this also has a body.
• Our humanity is notjudged by the fact that there are people whom one loves or wishes, as in the case of children, but what you do with these people. Should we help them or kill them? There are many couples unable toconceive and the adoption would be a double solution, give them love and a home for those unwanted children and a son to parents helpless.
• The assumption that people with a disability enjoy life lessthan normal, is false because it has been proven that there is no difference in both obtain ratification of life, that opinion has no experience.
• There are harmful effects to the mother after theabortion, and there is a 10% increase in sterility, 10% of spontaneous abortions and emotional problems from 9% to 59%, also deliveries from 5% to 15% and perforations of the uterus during theabortion.
• The child is also entitled to choose their life plan, and that project is born.

Pro Abortion.
• The life-threatening clandestine means, the legalization of abortion, prevent unnecessary...
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