El aborto

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2010
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Article comment by: Kristin Williams

I'm not sure who is more responsible for the slander posted in your newspaper, the editor or the reporter who doesn't know how to double check facts beforeposting the information. Liz has been arrested, she stalked a coworker and followed her home one night just to stand in her front yard and yell at her and brake her window resulting in the cops beingcalled and her being fired from her job for the harassment. Maybe the reporter should've done some research to find out that the drug that was in Brianna's system was one of the many drugs prescribed toLiz, and NO ONE else in Jason's family. Maybe you could've called every hospital between Greenville and Grand Rapids to see that Liz was listed as a "seeker" because she is a drug abuser! I'm ashamedto find that an AMERICAN newspaper would post an article with such distaste about a hard working, tax paying, devoted daddy born and raised in these great United States with no criminal record. Youmust be getting payed by another source located in Ecuador. At least all of the other news reports have looked into both sides of the story and reported that all of the allegations about Zank werelooked into and reported as unfounded!
Article comment by: sue boice

it took her how long to do something? ive seen this crap time after time! why if you love your child do you take them away insteadof working things out! yes our cps really lacks in montcalm co. but! if all this was proven, no child would have been left with him. she used the system got all free ride, and when it didnt suit hershe hides! were the country that took care of her! can have no say there! so stay there lady,i'll just bet she's doing so much better there! looser.

Posted: Friday, January 29, 2010
Kristin DeBoerWilliams The Greenville Newspaper has an article that is completely slanderous, and needs to be commented on. How can any AMERICAN newspaper take the side of a wanted criminal from another country...
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