El aborto

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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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In this paper we want to understand women that abortion is a solution to the contrary is a major problem to be mothers even when the children areunwanted.

What is needed for the construction of a life: a man, a woman, a sperm and an egg, and since the process would be almost complete ... I say almost because after such an extraordinary recipe, youonly need one if you want or do not want it.

After deciding you do not want the creation of this being is brought following: how do I get rid of the problem? and then the solutions are, when I saysolutions I mean the types of abortion, such as: poisoning saline, suction, dilatation and curettage and the famous DYX practiced at 32 weeks of fertilized the fetus.

Despite its illegality ofabortion is one of the most popular procedures and the worst is that no matter the value of interventions women do whatever it takes to pay them, seem that behind all abortisras clinics exist a largeindustry that dominates the mind impelling them to commit that act, it appears that they were not aware of that being their inner lives and feels ... to these women if they had gusrado to prevent themfrom living? I think not would this be different if you could express your feelings, if that were your mother who dijiera not want to live.

The most frightening view of the matter is that mostabortions are caused by young women, and the worst is that there are so many planning methods statistics of unwanted pregnancies increase rather than decrease.

The abortion endangers not only the life ofthe fetus but the mother also, as it is more risky than pregnancy or childbirth, but this seems not to frighten the women and that today is more aremorizante bring a child into world and not have toprovide to the fact of death and probably never again have the opportunity to become mothers.

An abortion is not a solution ... after it has been made is the guilty conscience, and appearance...
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