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Persuasive Essay
The Legalization of Marijuana

Position Statement: Marijuanashould NOT be legalized.

Marijuana a recreational drug that produces a general feeling of well-being is considered one of the most common drugs that teenagers are consuming now a days and it iscausing major damage on our society. Legalizing marijuana would add a third drug that combines some of the most serious risks of alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana offers both the intoxicating effects ofalcohol and the long-term lung damage of tobacco. While marijuana use has been recorded throughout history as a relaxant, mood elevator and aid for pain, it is still an illegal drug and one of theprincipal causes of deaths in teenagers and adults. Marijuana is a threat to society that need to be exterminated it’s not only a damage to the consumer’s health it is also a thread to the society we live inand if one gets affected everyone does.

The use of Marijuana has shown serious medical problems that lead to eventual death. Marijuana contains and ingredient that produces euphoria that warrantsits continued distinction as an illegal substance it also contains many cancer-causing substances, many of which are present in higher concentrations in marijuana than in tobacco. Washington D.Cemergency rooms deals with more than 2.5000 cases a year in which Marijuana smoking plays a part with more than 10% of those patients under 18 years of age. The harmful consequences of smoking marijuanainclude, but are not limited to the following: premature cancer, addiction, coordination and perception impairment, a number of mental disorders including depression, hostility and increasedaggressiveness, general apathy, memory loss, reproductive disabilities, and impairment to the immune system. Another major cause of deaths in society because of the consuming of Marijuana is driving under the...
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