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Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park is located in the Andes Mountains about 71 km south of Quito and includes the provinces of Cotopaxi, Napo and Pichincha, with an area of 33,393hectares. In the park we see the Cotopaxi volcano of 5897 feet and the volcano Sincholagua of 4893 meters, in addition to large peaks Rumiñahui and Morurco. In the park we do different activities likehiking, climbing, fishing, also observe the great variety of flora and fauna. Among the flora you'll find within the park includes species like the pumamaqui, gentian, cherry tree, club mosses, pucunero,mortiño, valerian, pine, rabbit ears, rosemary, deer horn, quishuar, among others.
There are also a variety of wildlife, forests and wilderness inhabited by condors, Andean gulls, owls, owls,blue-billed ducks, partridge wasteland, hummingbirds and doves. And mammals such as pumas, white-tailed deer, skunks, bears, gazelles, rabbits, foxes and other species. Within the park you will find hikingtrails, campgrounds plus basic services for tourists. You can visit the Cotopaxi volcano which is the highest active volcano in the world and is very interesting to observe their surroundings, with itsbeautiful rivers and lakes. To access the park and the different shelters that you have to do it in four wheel drive vehicles in difficult terrain.
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* Andean gulls,
* Highest
* Hummingbirds
* mammals such

* cherry tree: Cereza
* rosemary: Romero
* skunks: Zorrillos
* campgrounds: Campings
* surroundings: Entorno

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