El arte es amor?

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This book talks about what is the art of loving by Erich Fromm's thought, he says is based on several assumptions that people expect to be loved and tolove, does not speak well about being attractive depending on whether it is man or woman that is said about men is that we do not rely more on the success, having power, especially a high economic leveland in women using more physical, clothing, among other things, is mentioned both as man and wife acescence use personal popularity and sex appeal.
In traditional cultures, love was not spontaneouspersonal experience which would lead to marriage at that time this was used by an agreement between families and that eventually arise after marriage love. However at the present time is variedhappiness in business and short-term purchases or cash, one of the main target man and woman is to be attractive this issue is the most popular at the time of World War II his key features had to be sexuallyprovocative, enterprising was appealing, in the nineteenth century should be aggressive and ambitious, it is completely different today should be home and have more decency.
One of the mainexperiences of falling in love is staying in love, if two people are unknown to each other there is only one barrier to be one, and eventually they lose interest in each other there is a way to take back asmall attraction but not very reliable in this case is being sexual attraction but most of the time is short this attraction because it is consumed more in while having sex after that and that boring forboth. Well I think that the main part is about the art of love.
One of the second premises which underpin the approach is the assumption that the problem of love and No is an object of a college.For people to love another is easy for them how difficult it is to love find the object to be loved by. These behaviors are factors in the development of society; most people want to find romantic...
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