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Configuring the SAP System for SMTP
If you want to use the SMTP function, we recommend that you customize the following profile parameters of the SAP Web Application Server. Note: The following restriction applies: The SAPconnect send job can only be scheduled for servers on which SMTP is activated. You should therefore activate SMTP on all application servers of the SAP system. .rdisp/start_icman = true This parameter automatically starts the ICM process during the system startup. . exe/icman = . icm/plugin_ = PROT=SMTP,PLG= This parameter loads the SMTP plug-in. A dynamic library executes the SMTP protocol. describes the file name of the SMTP plug-in, which is in the instance directory of the SAPWeb Application Server instance. It has the name smtpplugin and anappropriate file extension for your operating system (such as .so or .dll). . icm/server_port_ = PROT=SMTP,PORT= This parameter opens a TCP/IP port for receiving mails using the SMTP plug-in. describes the port number. If no mails are to be received in this SAP system, set to zero. To avoid performance bottlenecks due to high numbers of SMTP requests (or, optionally, HTTP/S), you can use parameters torestrict the context usage in the backend SAP system for a protocol. You specify the percentage of all available contexts that can be used for the relevant protocol. In the SAP system, the maximum number of contexts in the system is limited by the profile parameter value of rdisp/tm_max_no (this parameter restrict the maximum number of users per instance). If the following quotas are exceeded,the requests are rejected in the ICM. . icm/HTTP(S)/context_quota . icm/SMTP/context_quota For example, with the setting icm/SMTP/context_quota = 20, you specify that only 20 percent of the available contexts can be used for SMTP (mail functions). This means that you have more capacity for HTTP(S) requests if there is a high workload. You can show the various parameters in the system and check thesettings in the training system as a demonstration.

Sending E-Mails from an SAP System

Caution: In the ADM102 course, you (the trainer) install an external mail server for the entire course, to which you then connect .your. SAP system . and so do the participants with .their. SAP systems later, in the exercises. We strongly recommend that you set up the mail server in the course as ademonstration for the participants. The reason for this is not to promote or to explain the product used in the course to the participants (the customers probably use mail servers from other vendors), but rather to demonstrate the significant points 1

(such as protocol, port, and domain). These details are ultimately required in the SAP system and should therefore not .appear from nowhere.. Thereforedo not become bogged down in the details of the mail server, but demonstrate the points mentioned. Note: For this course, we use the freeware version of the ArGoSoft mail server. For more information about the product, other versions, and the download, see www.argosoft.com You can, of course, also give this address to the participants. To set up the ArGoSoft mail server: 1. It is best if you arelogged on at operating system level of .your. server with the Terminal Server Client (RDP Client). 2. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to G:\Additional_ Files\ADM102\Mail Server and start the ArGoSoft setup.exe program. 3. The important clicks (see also the screenshots below) are Setup, leave everything set to Default, Next, and Start Installation. After you click Finish, the actual installation iscomplete . that was easy! 4. To configure the ArGoSoft mail server: Here, the participants should understand the meanings of the various entries. Start the mail server through the Microsoft Windows Start menu or the new shortcut on the desktop. You can ignore the message .Relay will be turned off.. In the ArGoSoft Console (which you can also call by clicking with the right mouse button on the...
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