El carnaval

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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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Carnival in the Catholic tradition is the last opportunity for excess before Lent, but hasbecome a popular international festival.
Carnival refers to a specific date, held afterChristmas and ending on Shrove Tuesday,which is the last Tuesday before the beginning of Catholic Lent, a preparation forEaster. Carnival period is also known by the French term Mardi Gras 'MardiGras', 'Fat Tuesday' or fat


El Carnaval en la tradición católica es la última oportunidad para los excesos antes de la Cuaresma, pero se ha convertido en una festividad popularinternacional.El Carnaval se refiere a una fecha específica, celebrada posteriormente a la Navidad y que concluye en el martes de Carnaval, que es el último martes antes del inicio de la Cuaresma católica, unapreparación para la Semana Santa. El período de Carnaval se conoce también con el término francés demardí gras, 'martes graso', 'martes gordo' o de la grasa

The celebration of Carnival has its probableorigin in pagan festivals, such as those performed in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine, the Roman Saturnalia and the Lupercalia, or to be made in honor of the Apis bull in Egypt. 

According tosome historians, the origins of Carnival can be traced back to ancient Sumeria and Egypt, more than 5.000 years, with similar celebrations in the Roman Empire, where the custom spread throughout Europe,being brought to America bySpanish and Portuguese navigators who colonized us from the fifteenth century. 

Carnival dates back to Celtic pagan festivals, the contemporary festival known asCarnival may have been motivated by the need to eat all meat and animal products like eggs and butter before the start period of Lent. According to Catholic tradition during Lent should not be eating meat,but only fish and vegetables. 

One of the most popular festivals in Venezuela is the Carnival. Days filled with confetti, costumes, treats and games. In all states, children, youth and adults,...
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