El caso del futbolista enmascarado

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Mark : What time is it?

Nick   : It's a quarter to five

Mark  : It's time for the TV show I always watch

Nick  : What kind of TVshows do you like?

Mark  : I like sitcom

Nick  : Me too, I also like cartoons

Mark  : I watch cartoons once a week, on the weekends,with my son.

Nick  : I usually watch cartoons every day. I like the Simpsons.

Mark : Are you going to study after the TV show?

Nick :No, after the TV show, I'm going to play foot-ball with my classmates.

Mark : What time does the game finish?

Nick  :The game finish at 8o'clok, so we can sudy after that.

Mark: OK We can study at my place.

Nick  :  Fine , the stadium it's near your home.

Mark  : Youcan have diner whit us.

Nick  :  Thanks, do you want me to buy somethig for diner?

Mark: If you want, you can bring some sodas.

Nick  :Does your son like pizza?

Mark:  Yes, he does

Nick  :  I can take a pizza too.

Mark: Good! he's going to be happy.

Nick  : afterwe study I have to go to work

Mark  :  Do you work at nights?

Nick  :  Yes, I work three (3) times a week.

Marck  : I also work ;inthe morning,  four (4) times a week

Nick  :  So, what time do you get up?

Mark:  I get up at 6 o'clock every day, and I study in theafternoon

Nick:  Me too, but  I don't like to work at nights

Mark:  Me neither

Nick  :  Well, see you later

Mark :  OK,  see you
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