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Simon Bolivar
Now a days in South America something big is happening. A great revolution of the local people of South America is trying to be free from the Spanish Empire. A Venezuelan leader calledSimon Bolivar is leading this great act of independence. Together with his partner Jose de San Martin they are having great success to kick out the Spanish empire from South America.
He has alreadyfreed Panama Colombia Venezuela & Ecuador. He is still fighting to free Bolivia and Peru also called Gran Colombia. He has fought through great battles throughout South America. Such as the battle ofBoyacá & Battle of Caraboo. Simon Bolivar and the Argentinean general Jose de San Martin is fighting together to get the Spanish rule out of the continent.
Now people are naming him the president ofthe Republic Of Great Colombia or in other words Gran Colombia. The people want him to be the president because they say he won the liberty from the Spanish rule to the people of that republic. Alongwith Francisco de Paula Santander (Vice president) he and Simon Bolivar are the most sound candidates to rule the Republic of Great Colombia.

Ultimate Social Structure
People are happy becausethey are having more wrights than before. In these days people can go to study. Lots of academies in several professions are being opened. Such as academies in history chemistry or many others are beingopened. People are getting treated with more evenly than other times. People can now work on what ever they want and they can study whatever they want.
In the past everybody were very similareconomically and social. Now there are a lot of types of social structures and economical structures than before. Everybody can choose either what to study or what to work. Obviously depends on youreconomical status if you study or not.
Chemistry Revolution
This revolution is based on the law conservation of matter and the oxygen theory of combustion and many other experiments. Henry Cavendish and...
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