El cid

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There are a lot of elements in this passage that enrich the portrayal of el Cid as an epic war hero. An unusual war hero who’s most prized possession, that which he “cherishes the most”, is his wifeand daughters and not his wealth and power. This exemplary family man is probably one of the main features that distinguishes this poem from any previous epic poems and defines what a hero should be.Another important element in this passage is the virtue of nationality not in the sense of despising foreigners but in defending ones country. By describing the vast Moorish host as being goodfortune from beyond the sea and how el Cid survives in strange lands.
An element of warfare is included in this passage where el Cid looked and saw tents pitched in the beach. This is an allusion to thebasic siege tactics employed by the medieval armies at that time where they basically camped outside a city until it surrendered.
One thing that struck me was the pattern in which he gives thanks forthe different blessings he has. It is almost as if the level of importance of an object he has deserves a cause with an equal or similar status. First and foremost, He thanks God and his Holy Motherfor the things he cherishes the most which are his wife and daughters. On the second pedestal he thanks the wealth and riches he already possesses to his hard work and bravery. Finally he thanks hisgood fortune for the wealth that he may be able to acquire in the future.
The part that struck me the most was how el Cid described the impending conflict as a fortunate gift that the moors are aboutto give him. At first glance it would seem like an arrogant statement spiced by the over-confidence el Cid has on his abilities. A closer look however, uncovers a confidence placed in God and a justcause as the decisive factors in the outcome.
This passage is typical in the text because it represents el Cid as the pious, noble, and brave hero he is. There is an air of humility in his dialogue,...
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