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I would like to thank my mom forbuying me the materials for this project. I would like to thank the teacher for making corrections


The conclusion for this project is that thehypothesis was proven.


The hypothesis for this project was proven because whilst I was asking the questions the volunteers were talking slow as ifto think of something to think of another lie.


1. Get one or two volunteers
2. Ask them a set of questions
3. Await their answer4. Be cautious of eye movements
5. Be cautious of shifting positions


Body language can determine if a person is lying.


Body language means the gestures or movements by which a person communicates. Lying means to tell something that is not true with the intention of isbeing true. Body language can determine if a person is lying by their changes in moods and gestures. In poker that is called a tell. It is often said that if aperson does not make eye contact they are lying. On the other hand they might also stare you down as if to appear telling the truth.

Body language candetermine if a person is lying. This project calls for one or two volunteers to be asked a set of questions. After I asked them the questions I had to be aware oftheir facial expressions and their behavior. The results of this was that the hypothesis was proved due to their changes in mood and facial expressions.
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