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Star nosh

-Good evening viewers and audience, here begins a new day's night star
-Today's chapter will have many surprises
- but first let us tell you a secret
- and now our guest star later jill
Jill: - I am delighted to be invited to this program
- we are also glad you're here
- jill good to know you have something prepared for us, tell us that it is
Jill: - all started when I went toPuerto Varas on tour ... (is excited)
- calm, calm jill, bring some water for our guest (jiil drink water)
-While recovering our guest go to a small commercial break
- we're back jill you feeling okay?
-Jill: yeah, yeah , I'm feeling better and ready to tell you how I made my video
- one of us went to jill in the recording of video, so you run video
- andthen watch the preview of successful music video is already playing on the radio .... Now put it to a guest jill
- jill good, tell us how you met the woman who inspires you both
- Jill: - mmm .... As I said in the video this woman takes my sleep, I met on my tour
- but do not leave us with curiosity, tell us who it is
- Jill: - the truth that very difficult for me and I prefer that the name ishidden.
(Published: uuuuu)
- respect your decision, know that your disk is called a trip, but the new song is called?
- Jill : my theme is called love Buenos Aires, who has been a success in the harbor
- there have been rumors that you will do a world tour, tell us that there is truth in this
-jill: Well the truth that all this is true, and began here in my home country next week
-Well wehope you do well in all your project and we invite you to stay With us in the rest of the night, and go to some small commercial court
- Jill - but before I brought out of the air meant that my tour started here in the city gym.
- and we're back with our musical ranking
-Starting in the fifth with Justin Beiber and his song baby
- then remains in fourth placewith his lady gaga paparazzi track heard
- and the third presented to April lavigne sings his song for the film Alice the wonderland
- and we approach the first in the second place selena Gomez Naturally
- first the most anticipated of all is love song jill and Buenos Aires
-Jill: "oooh .. This is a surprise to me, I was not expecting this, and thanks the public for making it possible that myissue is number one
- jill this is thanks to your effort and your humility
- now our favorite section, but first a little advice
- friends know how to keep my face so perfect
- I know your secret, you use the new Lubriderm for dry skin
- if so that friends have to buy it before it runs out
-Jill: "sorry give me one please, I need
- of course, we had prepared for you
Jill while the cream isstill pass to our section prepared by our guest
- Jill: - I will bring together a list of games played in the last month
- and what are the game that we have prepared
- Jill: "in third place ll cry murderer, a young man born to a family of murderers and then come the death of his father
- but becomes a murderer for revenge or because of your family?
- Jill: - the truth is like a mixture of 2- and the other game that is?
- Jill: "This is the second game is played and that is dantien infiernus or warrior who goes down to hell to save his wife
--And he succeeds in going down to hell and save his wife
-Jill: "This does go down to hell when he dies and has to overcome the seven deadly sins
-Which amazingly very interesting game
-Jill: - and in the first place is the bayonet, whichdeals with a woman born in a clan and is considered impure
- and what is their mission in the game
- Jill: - is to kill his father and his family try not to kill her in an attempt
- and how old or older can play them?
- Jill "are so violent game for 17 years and older can play them
- to console are you?
-Jill: "Now Go is play 3 and Xbox 360
-How interesting your topic, but we have to go...
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