El comite paritario

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The Paritario Committee of hygiene and safety is the technical body of participation between employers and workers, to identify and assess the risks of accidents andoccupational diseases. (The parity committees of hygiene and safety shall be composed of three) company representatives and three workers. In addition, each Party shall be threealternates.
Note: If the company has risk prevention Department, prevention expert part own, right in the enterprise where there are no voting.
The Paritario Committeedecisions are made according to the law 16744 "are binding on the company and the workers"(Las_reuniones_se_registran_en_una_libreta_con_las_páginas_de_distintos_colores_llamada_"Manifold_").

What are its main functions?
Teach about the proper use of personal protective equipment.
Monitor the implementation of measures of prevention and safety.Investigate causes of occupational accidents and diseases in the company.
Decide recklessly.
Measures and safety for the prevention of occupational hazards.
Functionsentrusted by the administrative body.
Promote training. Take
What are the requirements to become a Member?
Have more than 18 years.
Able to read and write.
One year ofservice in the work.
Make orientation courses in risk prevention.
My opinion: I think it is necessary to force people to take care of, I believe that no be like to be put indanger or be damaged, but because it is practised in some, there is no better way to demonstrate how much you want one, caring for and not damaging to other living things,one of the phrases that best reflects is "Love your neighbor as yourself" If this phrase is in practice I think that there would be a greater commitment by the prevention.
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