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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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A Bad Experience

My experience was the first time when I went to the Gym.
This event was a bad experience because I didn’t know how to do exercises,
Most of the people whowere in the gym they knew how to do every exercise
and they had more time going to the gym than me.
I had friend that invited me to the gym, my friend had been going
to the gymtwo years when he invited me to go. Before I never went to any gym,
so I didn’t know how to do exercises and I didn’t know anything about this.
I was excited to get in the gym because this was myfirst time at the gym and
something new for me. My friend and me went to the gym to register and to
get information about how much I had to pay per month. This was not a very
high payment only Ihad to pay twenty dollars per month, this was good for me.
When I enter the gym I had to choose a trainer and he started to teach
me the basic routines to start. First I started doing bicepexercises, I started with little weight after I put more weight and I felt good doing it. After I started running on the treadmill to do leg exercises, I always liked to run then it was no problem. Everyexercise I was doing, for me there was no problem at beginning
but I thought that, I didn’t know what happened after. Most of the people in the gym they knew how to do every exercise.Following Day started having muscle pains throughout the body in my arms, legs, back and abdomen. I started going to the gym most days and during those days I began to see changes in mybody, the muscles of my arms grew, the muscle of my leg also increased, lowered my abdomen and began to take better shape and also notice changes in my shoulders and chest. After going to the gym for afew months i started to notice the difference in my body, I started to have more hours of work at my school and I hardly had time to go to the gym and I started to miss several days used to go only...
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