El cuerpo humano

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A Healthy Life.
2. Say how often you brush your teeth.
R: I brush my teeth three times a day.
3. Name a type of food.
R: The fruit, a vegetables, a fish and Cereals.
4.Name one unhealthy food and drink.
R: A meat and a Soda.
5. Give de girl with black hair some advice.
R: She has an earache.
6. Give the boy with the blond hair some advice.
R: He has cold.7. Name 3 types of food you should eat regularly.
R: Chicken and fish.
8. Suggest a good healthy habit.
R: Make Exercise regularly.
9. Say how much your heart weighs.
R: I think that myheart weighs 500 gr.
10. The boy wearing a red T-shirt has a:
R: He has a sprained arm.
11. Name 2 advantage of doing exercise.
R: You take condition and volume.
12. Give some advinceto someone with a burn.
R: Drink cold water.
13. Name 3 health problems.
R: Sprained ankle, toothache and sore eyes.
14. Name the largest organ in our body.
R: The skin.
15. Name 1healthy food and drink.
R: Fruits and Water.
16. Say what you should do in case of bleeding.
R: You can put gauze.
17. The girl with a purple dress has a:
R: She has scarves in her hand.
18.Name a home remedy.
R: A tea of onion.
19. Make a suggestion for your brain to work better.
R: You need do more exercise.
20. Give the woman wearing glasses some advice.
R: She hascoughed.

1. Unscramble the sentences in the dialog below.

Boy: well/don’t/feel/I – I don’t fell well.
Girl: the/what’s/matter/? – What’s the matter?
Boy: stomachache/have/I/a – I have astomachache.
Girl: I/doctor/the/call/shall/? – Shall I call the doctor?
Boy: rather/thank/no/id/you/wait – No thanks you id wait rather.
Girl: of/having/a/how/tea/cup/about/? – How about having of tea cup?Boy: be/thanks/that/nice/would – Thanks be would that nice.

2. Put the words into the correct columns. Look at the example.

Muscle Swimming a box of antacid tablets...
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